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Painting style: Impressionism, surrealism

A figurative acrylic painting, an unusual plot, a picture about childhood, a picture with meaning, acrylic on canvas 20*14 inches.

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I recently met a friend from my childhood, we talked about our early years for a long time, at first we cried with laughter, then we just cried, because it was a time without troubles and problems. As children, we were happy when we were just let out on the street. In adulthood, to be happy, we need so much: to be successful, healthy, rich, our loved ones must be healthy, bills must be paid, food purchased, children fed, spouses satisfied, and so on. We live in the constant expectation that something bad will happen if we forget something or don’t do it. Sometimes we really want to go back for a time when we needed so little to be happy, for example, just a balloon.
So this picture appeared.
Please, can I have a balloon?

A picture on a stretched canvas, ready to hang. No need a frame. Size 20*14 inches.
I wrote the picture in several stages: I came up with a plot, drew it with a pencil, applied a texture paste to imitate the texture of the skin, then applied several layers of acrylic paint.
The picture will be a bright accent in the interior of the living room or bedroom.
You can buy a picture for a friend or a loved one, especially a good gift it will be for lovers of paintings with meaning.
This is a very personal picture, there will be no repetitions. The only copy!!