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At dusk, it seems that the mountains are covered with pink snow, the shadows take on a cold blue tint, and the light shimmers with gold. Mountains are a sacred symbol of power and hermitage, a place where heaven and earth meet, and it is also a symbol of spiritual height and the center of the world, superiority, eternity, purity, constancy, uplift, aspiration, challenge. According to various legends, fragments of ancient races and civilizations have been preserved in the mountains. Saints live in the mountains. Water is a symbol of flexibility and variability, but at the same time preserving itself, its essence, and not properties. For the Aztecs and Incas, water symbolizes primordial chaos. In Buddhism, water represents the eternal flow.
A landscape with mountains and a lake is relevant at any time and in any interior. The painting is done in the author’s style and technique, large strokes with a palette knife in the foreground give the picture volume and perspective. Bright colors are selected in the perfect combination, which will always be relevant in any interior.
Author’s signature on the front and back, the author provides a certificate of authenticity.
Express delivery. The painting is ready to be hung.