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Painting style: Impressionism

Extra large wall art, acrylic painting on canvas, floral painting with naked man and woman 39*47 inches.

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Original floral painting with naked man and woman – painted on stretch canvas.
Title “Two in the garden”.
The picture tells about two lovers, about a man and a woman who met in a blooming garden. They are young and beautiful, a strong man is ready to protect his fragile chosen one from all troubles. This is the very beginning of their relationship, they are still very shy, their love is just beginning, it looks like beautiful and delicate flowers. Now everything seems beautiful to them, in delicate mother-of-pearl shades, but these relationships are still very fragile, like rose petals. I hope that the lovers will be able to preserve their feelings, they will get stronger and grow into a strong and long true love.
I was inspired to create this picture by an episode from the divine scripture, where Adam and Eve live carefree in the Garden of Eden. But we all remember perfectly well how this story ended.
The picture is painted with acrylic paints on a stretched canvas. I use high-quality materials that do not deteriorate with time. I paint pictures with bold large strokes, brushes and a palette knife in several layers. Thus, the layers of paint glow from under each other. The frame is not needed. The texture and strokes can be seen in the close-up photos.
Ready for hanging. You can arrange the picture in a frame at will, sold without a frame.

The picture will be a great addition to your interior, it will become a bright accent, you will be able to tell your friends the story of its creation. Also, my picture will be a wonderful gift for your family and friends, as well as for art lovers and for those who follow the work of young and promising authors.
How I prepare the picture for sending. I will collect the necessary documents, a certificate of authenticity. The painting will be securely packed and sent to you in a box. I will send you a number so that you can track the parcel.
The color of the picture in reality may differ slightly from the images on the screen, it depends on small differences in the settings on different devices.
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If you still have any questions, just write to me about it!