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Painting style: Impressionism, surrealism

Green painting in mixed media, unusual figurative plot, the relationship between a man and a woman, 20*16 inches.

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Sexism — a set of prejudices and biased attitude towards people or discrimination against people based on gender or gender; prejudice, negative attitude or antipathy towards people of a certain gender.
How often in life we condemn men for the fact that they get everything easily, because they are not burdened with household chores, unlike women. But we forget that sometimes it is also easy for women to get a better place in the sun from male bosses because of their sexy appearance.
In this picture, I depicted a man who, with the help of his skills and abilities, tries to climb higher to the sun, but the best place is still not with him. He rubs his eyes, he has tears, we can only guess from what: he is blinded by the bright sun or it is a grudge against the opposite sex.
I work in a modern style with modern materials. To create the picture, I used a stretched canvas, texture paste, acrylic, the top layer I worked with oil.
The lateral face of the picture are painted, the frame is not needed. Ready to hang.
The painting will look great in a minimalist, modern, classic or mixed interior. You can buy an interior painting for yourself or make a gift to your friends and loved ones.