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Painting style: Impressionism, surrealism

Green painting in the interior, surrealism, a gift for a couple, a picture of a relationship, 20*16 inches, acrylic on canvas.

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My own relationship with the opposite sex pushed me to write the picture “Different views”, I think we often look in different directions and have different ideas about events and actions. I really sometimes think that men have fallen on us from another planet, it is impossible to understand them, why they do not do what we women want? Why do they think differently, look at life differently, love differently, raise children differently? Is it good or bad that we are so different? How to understand what is in the head of men, how to read them? And should I do it?
My picture is called “Different views”. It is about the fact that despite the differences between men and women, we have the same human qualities and love. These are the points of support that form a strong bond between us. We may look in different directions, but we stand back to back, forming an unbreakable union of two opposites.
The painting is painted on a stretched canvas, using a texture paste and palette knife, as well as acrylic and oil paints.
The side surfaces of the canvas are painted. The frame is not needed. Ready to hang.
You can buy a picture in the interior for yourself or your loved ones, the green color will decorate and refresh your interior. Surrealism is a genre that can be endlessly considered and each time you find something new. Your friends will appreciate your high taste.