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Turquoise Deer 60x60cm SOLD

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In the fantasy world, everything is possible, animals can have unusual properties or have an unusual color. The flight of our fantasies is limitless, but technology has not yet advanced so much. We can’t see a turquoise deer in real life or even on TV, but we can come up with it and draw it. The deer is a very ancient symbol, it is present in all historical traditions. It is an auspicious symbol that is associated with the Sun, sunrise, light, purity, renewal, rebirth, creation and spirituality. An adult male deer is the solar emblem of abundance. The deer is also an intermediary between heaven and earth, a messenger of the gods. Turquoise is the magical color of healing. Blue is the color of eternity and kindness, yellow is the color of the sun and freedom.
The painting is done with a palette knife in large strokes, in the impasto style, which gives the picture liveliness, volume and perspective.