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Painting style: Impressionism, surrealism

Very large oil painting, rocky mountain art, mountains and lake, oil on stretched canvas, 31*31 inches.

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In the picture you can see two mountains – a man and a woman leaning towards each other, they form a strong couple – a single union of male and female principles, a couple that protects all living things from wind and bad weather with their backs. These mountains represent a strong family, in which everyone “stands like a mountain” for each other. I often draw mountains in the image of people. I like to think that some people are just as big and powerful, with a strong character like mountains.


A very large oil painting is made with oil and acrylic paints. I applied large and hard strokes with a palette knife. The three-dimensional texture and strokes can be seen in close-up photos.

The original art of the Rocky Mountains, painted on a stretched canvas. You don’t need a frame. The sides are painted, ready for hanging. On the front and back sides of the textured wall drawings – the author’s signature.

Please note that the colors in the picture may vary depending on your monitor settings.

The picture represents a strong family, so it will be a wonderful gift for a family for a housewarming or a wedding. Such a plot will become a bright accent in any interior, your guests will note your high taste and you will be able to tell them the plot of the picture that the artist depicted.


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