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When you are in love 80x100cm

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In the foreground of the painting is a mighty and strong tree, the branches of which are intertwined in a whimsical pattern. The tree is a symbol of life, the beginning of all beginnings, and also a symbol of the emergence of new feelings. A beautiful but strong tree has survived many seasons, various weather conditions and disasters. In the middle of the painting, there is a pair of lovers riding a boat. Whether this couple will survive all the difficulties that fall to their lot, or they will prefer a short and easy romance, one can only guess. At the top of the picture there is a hint for the viewer, the branches are intertwined in the form of a bird, which is a symbol of hope and lightness of fate. The painting was made using textured paste, acrylic paints and oil pastels, varnished to prevent fading and dust. The sides are painted over and are a continuation of the picture.