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Painting style: Impressionism, surrealism

A large landscape with a mountain in the style of surrealism, a bright picture in blue shades, oil on canvas 24*20 inches.

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This painting is part of the series” Big People”, in which I reflect on strong and weak characters, on the will and its absence in people, on the vital energy and power of a person. I think there are people with great vitality, who can change the fate of many other people. These are people – mountain, who always stand on their own, no matter what happens around them, they clearly know what they want from life and go in this direction. They are not afraid to take responsibility, they are not afraid of difficulties or judgments, they have a great goal and there are no obstacles for them. Such people usually go down in history, they are great politicians, scientists, engineers, doctors, and so on. Reading their biography, we wonder how one person can do so much in his life, where does he get the strength and energy for all this? How did he not get scared, break down, or turn off the intended path?
There is such a phrase: “I see a goal – I see no obstacles”, I often remember it when I do not want or I am afraid to take some important step. I remind myself that I chose to be a “big man” and hold my destiny in my own hands.
You can buy this picture for yourself or for your friends and loved ones, it will remind them of the importance of strength of spirit and character. Also, the picture will be a bright accent in the interior, your friends and guests will appreciate your high taste.
The painting is painted on a stretched canvas in oil. The side surfaces are painted, ready to hang. No need a frame.