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A young sprout

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I live in Russia, and for me the personification of modern masculinity is not a man, but a young guy, still quite “green” and romantic. This is a man with the “wonderful maximalism of youth”, on the one hand, the whole world lies at his feet, and on the other – he has nothing to lose, because he has no obligations yet. He does not have his own family, career, loans, he is free from problems. And his only goal is to change the world for the better, to free his country from the tyranny of power. Proud and brave, he goes out to protest against the government in order to expel the tyrant and deprive him of power. But at the protests, our youngster meets reality, where his dreams are shattered, where he realizes that he is just a little boy, unable to change anything. And yet I look at this young guy and admire him, and I hope that someday he will succeed, because I no longer have this maximalism, and I have no desire to save everyone.