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Painting style: figurative


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The deer is an auspicious symbol of the Sun, sunrise, light and purity. Due to the similarity of deer antlers with branches, the image of a deer is associated with the Tree of Life. In addition, the antlers of the deer symbolize the sun’s rays, fertility. An adult male deer is the solar emblem of abundance.
It is surprising that the antlers are needed for a deer to fight with other males from the pack during the mating season. Deer fight with predators using sharp hooves and fangs. It turns out that deer need antlers for love, to create a pair with a female. But the irony is that while mature males are busy fighting, young males without horns manage to pair up with females.
The painting is made with acrylic and oil paints on a stretched canvas 70 * 80 cm. The sides are painted, ready to hang.

80*70*2 cm