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Painting style: Impressionism, surrealism


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The painting depicts a family of deer, which is moving in search of a place to sleep. The leader of the pack – a young deer is depicted in the foreground and looks directly at the viewer. It remains a mystery what it sees. Perhaps it is a hunter, and the deer looks into the eyes of trouble, or it is another deer that claims to be the leader in his pack. Or a deer saw a human who just admires graceful animals and does not threaten them in any way. There is also an opinion that the deer looks at its former habitat, says goodbye to it, realizing that life does not stand still, it changes and moves all the time. The picture reminds of the need for constant movement and gives the viewer to feel the breeze of change. New horizons frighten, but even more call and beckon.
The painting is made in the author’s technique. Large strokes are combined with small prescribed details, which gives the painting liveliness and perspective.
Texture paste, acrylic, oil pastel, varnish. Canvas on a stretcher, the sides are painted, the frame is not needed. Ready for placement in the interior. Size 70*100*2 cm.