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Painting style: Impressionism, surrealism


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One of the modern tasks facing humanity is the creation of artificial intelligence that will be useful to people. But there may be an existential risk for humanity if a supermind capable of infinitely self-improvement becomes dominant over people.
I reflect on this problem. It seems to me that if the supermind is not rewarded with such qualities as pride, despondency, anger, greed, and so on, then artificial intelligence will be able to help people live and develop in a wonderful world. On the contrary, I have no hope for people, I would rather trust a robot. It is difficult to imagine an evil greater than a person.
The painting depicts the image of the supermind as an absolute good, to which all living things are drawn. Insects have flown into the light, and artificial intelligence looks ahead without emotion, calmly and evenly. After all, its main task is peace and harmony.
The painting is made with acrylic paints and oil pastels, varnished against fading and dust. Size 50*40 cm.