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Painting style: figurative


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According to one hypothesis, the origin of people began in Africa. Africa is an amazing continent, the people living on it appreciate nature in its original form, there are few places on our planet where you can really see wildlife and animals. The tree of life symbolizes rebirth and the emergence of the new, the source and roots of all life on Earth. The tree of life has quite powerful protective properties, it is able to guide you on the right path and give advice in a difficult situation. The Tree of Life is a symbol containing the power that connects heaven and the underworld through endless life. It contains the wisdom and experience of ancient people, the laws of the universe that they have learned.
Diptych 60*80*2 sm will be an interesting and stylish solution in any interior. The author’s Impasto technique adds volume and dynamism to the painting.
Author’s signature on the front and back, the author provides a certificate of authenticity.
Express delivery. The painting is ready to be hung.