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White Greyhound 83x63cm

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The picture shows a dog of the Afghan Hound breed, it has a rare white color. This is an amazing hunting dog, its character is similar to that of a human, it serves only one owner and adores him all its life, needing a lot of attention from him.
The Afghan hound, whose origin is covered with legends, belongs to one of the most ancient breeds. According to legend, she was among the animals that Noah took into his ark.
The dog has a beautiful silky coat, which needs special care. The appearance and character of this breed made the Afghans a real symbol of aristocracy and high taste.
A golden ground was used for the painting, the background is depicted with strokes, layered on top of each other, they form a perspective. The dog’s head is clearly spelled out using portrait technique. A gentle look reflects all the devotion and love for the person who looks at her. The Italian frame is made of high-quality pine, painted and gilded by hand.