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This section contains events in which I took part or plan to do so. You can see my work in the galleries of these exhibitions


The exhibition “Starfall” in the gallery “Here” on Taganka, Moscow.
When: December 2021-January 2022

The exhibition “Starfall” in the gallery “Here” on Taganka, Moscow presents a work about dreamers “Born to be a star”.


A collective exhibition dedicated to environmental problems, March, 2020.
When: March, 2020

Especially for this exhibition, I painted 2 paintings, they told about the problem of excessive consumption by people. I wanted to draw people’s attention to the fact that because of the huge advertising campaigns of large corporations, because of human greed, we consume more and more products every year, which leads to catastrophic consequences for our planet. One of my paintings found a new home, a collector bought it, the second painting “The Birth of the Earth” is still with me. You can find it in my store, it is for sale.

Gallery WP, Moscow.


Private exhibition in my studio in Moscow, june 2019.
When: June 2019

My first exhibition was held in my studio, I showed bright landscapes in the style of surrealism. It was like a breath of fresh air amid the constant coronavirus restrictions. We are all faced with the unknown, pain and fear. I tried to inspire people with hope with the help of my positive and bright pictures.