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Marina Beresneva


“Art is about finding the unusual in the usual and usual in the unusual”.
D. Diderot

Passionate about art

The task of an artist is to convey the beauty of nature the way his sees it and project it
onto the canvas using artistic devices. An artist’s works reflect his previous experience,
impressions, emotions and character – all internal workings of his mind.

Having over a decade of artistic training I started to create paintings after having a child.
My soul was filled with love and gratitude and I simply couldn’t help but express all these
feelings on the canvas.

As an artist, I want to show that the world is diverse and wonderful. And humans are only a
small part of the universe, they’re not the planet’s owners but merely its children.
I believe in the Higher power. The Creator is looking upon us from above and is giving
us the opportunity to create with Him.

My paintings are symbolic, image-driven and the landscapes a very life-like. If you pay
close attention you can see men, women, children, and animals. I like bright colours,
contrasts and wide strokes of a palette knife. Sometimes brush strokes may create an
unexpected effect and everybody can see something different in my work.

I like looking intently upon people’s faces and figures. I know that nobody’s perfect,
there’s no absolute beauty and that nonetheless each person is uniquely beautiful.
A person encompasses a world of his or her own which is so enchanting to watch from
different angles.


Is beauty and harmony with the world, love for people and nature. With my whole soul,
I want to convey to my viewers the beauty of God’s work and to be acknowledged for my
vision of beauty.