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Dawn of Longmu 80x60cm SOLD

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The painting depicts a goddess from Chinese mythology Longmu. According to legend, she raised golden dragons, spirits of water, giving them the best of what she had. During a drought in her native village, the dragons caused rain, thanks to which an excellent harvest grew. The legend tells us about incredible kindness, love and devotion.
According to another ancient legend, the koi carp swam against the current to its goal, hovered above the ground to overcome the waterfall, and turned into golden dragons. If there is a great goal, the power of the spirit can do the impossible.
In my painting, I combined these two legends: a beautiful girl with a divine face, who swim around her in a circle, and there is a magical rain. A female symbol of love and kindness, a symbol of the infinity of life, a symbol of devotion and incredible strength, united in the picture to remind us of the best human qualities.