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Dinner sailed away 80x60cm SOLD

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The painting depicts a cat who went on the warpath with impudent fish. He was going to have dinner, but these fish slipped right out from under his nose and swam impressively among the branches of a tree. The cat did not expect such impudence from the fish, but he will never give up in his quest to get food. However, so are the fish, which strive for freedom. Humorous painting has a deep meaning: never give up, be confident in yourself, do the impossible, and the reward will come! Therefore, it is 7 fish in the picture, this is a lucky number that brings good luck! You can figure out the plot yourself, who will get lucky in the end: a red cat who will still catch his goldfish or fish who will be able to dodge a hungry cat.
The painting is made with gold pasta and acrylic paints, varnished against fading and dust. The side surfaces are also painted and are a continuation of the painting. Ready to hang.