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Painting style: surrealism

Extra large wall art with jellyfish, night sky with stars, bright acrylic landscape 120*120 cm.

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Title “Dancing in the starry sky”.
The surrealist painting takes the viewer to a starry summer night, where jellyfish dance in the sky among the stars. Their dance embodies freedom from conventions and imposed stereotypes. There is no wrong place or time if you want to express the beauty of your soul.
Jellyfish are unique creatures, they appeared more than 650 million years ago, live in any water, some of them are the most dangerous creatures in the world, and some are capable of resurrection, like a Phoenix bird. And it is almost impossible to keep jellyfish in captivity.
The painting is made with texture paste and acrylic paints, varnished against fading and dust. The side surfaces are also painted and are a continuation of the painting. Ready to hang.