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Painting “New Cat”

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As a child, I often brought home abandoned animals, I tried to save them from life on the street. But such volunteering was not part of my parents’ plans. I was forbidden to do this, after which I swore that I would help animals when I grew up. Ironically, my daughter is allergic to all animals, so I can only help them from a distance.

My painting is called “The New Cat”. It depicts a scene from village life. After a walk, a girl in a fashionable hat sat down on a stone in the shade of trees, she has her joy in her hands, her pet is a huge well-fed gray cat. But suddenly a skinny and unhappy red cat appeared next to the girl, his only dream is to eat some fish. The grey cat feels threatened by a competitor. If the girl takes the foundling, she will have to share food and all her goods with him. The girl looks condescendingly at the stranger, she already understands that she will not be able to leave him on the street. And now she will have one more care more.

60*80 cm, linen, acrylic.