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Koi carp rejoice at the dawn 90x140cm

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The painting depicts koi carp, they rejoice at the dawn and dance in the sky. The vivid image takes us to a secluded place in the mountains, far from civilization. According to an ancient legend, koi carp were not only able to swim against the current to achieve their goal, but were also able to rise into the air to jump over the waterfall. I draw fish in the air as a symbol of courage and perseverance, this picture will remind you that you are capable of more if you have a great goal. The number of fish is not accidental, the number 14 means new ideas, life achievements and a positive ending. Also, golden fish bring good luck and success, which are so necessary for all of us. The beauty of koi impresses with its diversity and uniqueness. I am attracted and admired by beautiful and brave fish.
The painting is made with acrylic paints, oil pastels and varnished. The sides are painted and are a continuation of the painting. There is no need to frame it. Ready to hang.