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Painting style: Impressionism, surrealism

Large fish artwork, goldfish painting on canvas, old pond 31*39 inches. SOLD

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Title “If fish were swimming in the sky”.

In Japan, there is a boys ‘ holiday-Children’s Day (Kodomo no hi), Tango no sekku. On this day, children are wished health and success, armor is displayed in the house, and carp figures are hung outside and a children’s holiday is organized.

Koi carp is a Japanese goldfish. A symbol of good luck and perseverance in achieving the goal. Koi is an artificially bred breed of carp in Japan, which, unlike the usual gray carp, has a bright and unusual coloring, often gold. Carp swim against the current, so this fish represents perseverance and strength. In general, the koi symbol means struggle, willpower, overcoming difficulties and achieving goals. Therefore, koi was perceived in Japan as a male symbol. And on May 5, on Children’s Day, the holiday of boys, Konoibori – cloth carp, a symbol of the wish for boys to be strong and successful, are developing all over Japan. I believe that my painting will bring good luck to you and your family!

In my painting, I depict live carp that float through the air, above the water, it turns out a feeling of illusion, an incorrect perspectivity. The brain is trying to solve the problem: if these are fish, then why are they above the water, and not under it. I like this idea, imagine a world in which all the sea inhabitants could float through the air among people…

The picture is painted with acrylic paints and oil pastels on a stretched canvas. I use high-quality materials that do not deteriorate with time. I paint pictures with bold large strokes, brushes and a palette knife in several layers. Thus, the layers of paint glow from under each other. The frame is not needed. The texture and strokes can be seen in the close-up photos.

Ready for hanging. You can arrange the picture in a frame at will, sold without a frame. The picture will be a great addition to your interior, it will become a bright accent, you will be able to tell your friends the story of its creation. Also, my picture will be a wonderful gift for your family and friends, as well as for art lovers and for those who follow the work of young and promising authors.

How I prepare the picture for sending. I will collect the necessary documents, a certificate of authenticity. The painting will be securely packed and sent to you in a box.

The color of the picture in reality may differ slightly from the images on the screen, it depends on small differences in the settings on different devices.