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Painting “Cardboard Flower”

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A picture from the series “Fashionistas in the village”, it’s about me and my life. I have always been in love with fashion, since childhood I have been attracted to the world of beauty. As a child, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, put on her dress, tied it with a belt so that it would not fall off, I always had a veil made of curtains on my head, so I felt fashionable and happy. By the will of fate, we had to separate, my family and I moved from a big city in Kazakhstan to a small village in Russia. The difficult 90s, the new reality, the lack of funds did not discourage the desire to stand out and be fashionable. Beauty was created from improvised means, the absurdity of appearance upset, but did not discourage the desire to continue.

My painting “Cardboard Flower” is dedicated to all fashionistas, to all those who want to be beautiful, original, unique. The girl in the picture is not afraid to stand out, she feels her uniqueness and beauty, because she sees the originality of nature around. The boundless imagination of a young soul compensates for the absence of expensive and fashionable